Zeek is our temporary resident

Zeek, a dometic short hair (DSH), 9 10-year old all black-hair male cat is our temporary resident. Zeek is not a true foster, but rather staying at Foster Felines while his family is out of the country, visiting their family in New York and then tending a family farm in Osaka, Japan until April 2012. Zeek is a good-natured cat - extremely laid back and easy-going. So much so that I have nicknamed him "dog" as he wants attention and comes when you call him (well, usually). Most notably, Zeek treats food like it's going out of style and he will lose his forever chance to eat little kibble. He is fed twice a day, but by the time we are ready to eat our own breakfast, his food is gone and he's begging for something on my plate. Is this a cat or a dog? This year (Oct 31, 2011), Zeek has come back a little more plump than last year. Given that he stays indoors and has a knack for stealing his own food from the kitchen counter, I can't say that I'm surprised that he's gotten a little pudge going on. He still runs around and appears to be active. Still cries a lot to remind us that he's in the house - I guess. Who can understand what a cat is really saying?

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