Zeek is back at the summer home

Zeek, our part time resident cat, has moved back home with his permanent family. Zeek, a DSH (domestic short hair), is a permanent member of the Kobayashi family in Seattle. Two years ago, Zeek decided to come stay with us during the winter while his permanent family temporarily moved to Osaka, Japan. Every six months or so, the Zeek comes to stay with us and take his place. Zeek is a relaxed, good-natured male and while we think that he might do well with other non-alpha cats and kittens, we haven't attempted to have foster cats or kittens while Zeek has been in residence. The past few months have made Zeek a bit cranky though as he's been wanting to out outside and see the outside for himself, which we don't allow. He will get ample outside time at the summer home. Good! The winter home can use a much needed break from all the incessant cat meows to get outdoors. Maybe next summer when his family goes to Osaka again.

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