Foster found permanent home

Foster Felines hasn't seen a web update in quite awhile. The other job (that pays) got in the way. Working on fixing the logo. Designer that did the logo didn't leave usable files so I may have to restart that logo from scratch (and learn a new set of tools with Sketch3). Foster Felines did a number of fostering. Sadly most are undocumented. Zeek was our most recent foster. And we ended up adopting him. Considered a "foster fail" and he now occupies our home as a full time resident. Zeek started out as a kitten in July 2015. He was diagnosed with feline leukemia and was sent into fostering to be retested in a few weeks. He returned from his leukemia tests negative. We had a few days to consider returning him to the Seattle Animal Shelter and give him a chance to be adopted. He started out with the name Hamill. He gets a long well with our 3 year old son, Kyle. Most cats from the shelter shy away from toddlers so we thought Zeek would do well as a permanent resident. Zeek loves to play with Kyle's toys and chase string. His favorite Kyle toy is when Kyle gets a helium balloon and Zeek carries the string around in his mouth. We renamed Hamill to Zeek as a reminder of our summer foster that died a couple of years ago. The original Zeek was a charmer and stole food from the kitchen regularly and could be a pest.

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