About Foster Felines

Foster Felines are volunteers. Our mission is to help homeless cats and kittens and feral (wild) cats to find loving homes.

We dedicate our time, energy, and personal funds to care for foster cats with special needs and kittens. We work directly with the Seattle Animal Shelter or Seattle Humane Society to help provide temporary shelter for homeless cats and kittens. Our primary goals are to help provide care and attention to foster felines along with providing needed health services. Depending on our work schedules and available room, we provide temporary homes for one to several cats and kittens.

Foster Felines puts a lot of energy to care for fosters since many of these fosters are “special needs” type of cases. Each set of foster felines is different. Some adapt quickly to their temporary home and are our job is to prepare and market them to adopting families. Other cats can take some time to feel comfortable in their new environment and with their new feline and human companions. Our experience has helped to get our foster cats adapted and prepared to find their “forever” homes.

Our purpose is to help as many cats as we personally can. We also strive to inform and educate other potential foster families who can offer a temporary home to shelter animals.

So please, have a look around and feel inspired to volunteer your time. You will get back much, much more than what you put in with the love and companionship of a needy or sick cat from your local animal shelter.

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