When Kali was found by the Seattle Humane Society in May 2010, she was very pregnant. Luckily, Kali was healthy and active with a strong appetite. We took her in and prepared her room with a warm bed, several blankets and a box of newspaper for the birthing area. The vet predicted that she would be giving birth within 7 to 10 days.

As the vet predicted, Kali gave birth within 2 weeks sometime during the night. When we went in to see her, she was busy cleaning her new kits and stimulating them to nurse.

Kali was our first queen and her pregnancy, delivery, nursing, and weaning went exactly as expected. Kali was a great mom. Taking care of everything for her new brood. Though after a few weeks of being a dedicated mom, Kali herself craved some human affection and attention. Kali is a dainty little girl – who just happens to be quite tired (as the pictures show) from her big stomach. Despite her sizeable condition, she seems to have a lot of energy.

Kali is quite affectionate and cuddly and a very social cat. She’s not quite a fan of being left alone. However, given her condition and the uncertainty of her due date, she needs to have her own space. We’ve been giving her frequent visits and the required petting and soothing that a mom-to-be needs.

Kali’s name means “lively and energetic” in Sanskirt.

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