Taiko came into the Seattle Humane Society on June 27, 2011 as a solo, 6 week old kitten. He was found near Crossroads Mall in Bellevue.

He was underweight at 1.6 pounds and a little shy and scared. Our job is to fatten him up and get him friendly and sociable.

Taiko did have a bit of an adjustment. He was used to being with his mom and his brothers and sisters. For his first few nights, he cried constantly. It was a bit much to deal with since we need our own sleep. We are happy to report that Taiko is getting used to being on his own and is enjoying getting 100% of the attention. He’s got the typical kitten behaviors: learning to play bite, stalk, and bat (drum) at string.

Taiko is named for his “drumming” way of pouncing on string, hands, or whatever seems to peak his curiousity – which is just about everything.

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