Summer 2012

Super sad news. Zeek has passed away suddenly at the home of his family in Seattle. He was suddenly sick with lymphoma which affected his digestive system. It sounded like he was sick for a couple of days and his owners took him to the vet who ran some tests and said that he didn’t have long to live and that his cancer was spreading. The family misses him a great deal.

We will continue to remember Zeek for his energy, enthusiasm, easy-going style and friendly behavior. He was a very good friend and loving companion who enjoyed stealing my lunches while I was still cooking them.

Fall 2011

Zeek was our winter “cat in residence”. We cat sit while his permanent family is in Osaka, Japan for about 4 – 6 months each year. He patiently waits out his time at Foster Felines, figuring that he should do his duty and spread his love and mischief around two households.

Zeek is a laid-back, social, all black male cat who prides himself on having two houses to make his love available to as many humans as possible. Zeek is a food whore, yes, there really is no better description. It’s his best trait, in his opinion. Not only will he grab food on a plate that is waiting for the rightful owner to prepare to feast, but he offer himself up as a cook’s taster and grab a bite or two or three from right off the stove. He’s such a sneaky cat too as he knows very well that this behavior is not welcome and he gets a butt whack from it whenever he’s caught.

Zeek must smell spring time in the air for he started a ritual of howling and crying at the doors and windows for apparently nothing that we could see. At first we though he was crying to birds or squirrels or the occasional rabbit that he will see, but on investigation, we couldn’t see anything. He must know that spring time is here and is waiting for his Seattle family to come back from the land of sushi with a gift of fish just for him.

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